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My mission is to help you tune into your body and mind, and find your unique state of balance. For that I offer massage in both Western and Eastern modalities, private and group yoga and yoga therapy sessions, and private and group meditation instruction… you can also watch videos of previous classes here:

I have been in the healing arts for 20 years now and making a connection to people through wellness continues to be fulfilling and exciting. As well as running my thriving massage and yoga practice in the Northeast side of Los Angeles, I am co-leading the annual Kinship Yoga School 225 Hour Yoga Teacher Training, pursuing my certification as a Health and Wellness coach, beginning a 4 year Masters in Science of Oriental Medicine (Acupuncture) degree, and continuing to explore my own wellness through my personal meditation practice, retreats, yoga, movement, and time in nature.

I look forward to sharing your own journey to personal wellness with you!

If you would like to see my services and book a session, here is my easy online portal:

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