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Now offering private, personalized yoga therapy sessions through Zoom!  I will design a sequence of exercises to address your specific needs, practice them with you, and send you a video recording of our sequence and a written list of poses so you can continue your practice on your own.
Contact Claire(at)ClaireThompson(dot)com to schedule after making your purchase.

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Claire Thompson has been teaching yoga in Los Angeles since 2010, beginning with gentle yoga for meditators at her Buddhist Center where she was the yoga program founder and director. Her education in asana (physical practices), philosophy, and meditation includes the Awakened Heart, Embodied Mind 200 HR Teacher Training from Hala Khouri and Julian Walker at Exhale in Los Angeles, Yoga Studies Institute 200 HR yoga philosophy training, 36 course program of Tibetan Buddhist Studies under Lama Marut and the Asian Classics Institute and 8 month Dedicated Practitioner meditation course through Dharma Treasure.
From 2010-2017, Claire Thompson traveled throughout the United States and internationally to teach yoga asana, philosophy and meditation.  She presented yoga, massage, and meditation classes at music and yoga festivals, spiritual retreats, yoga and Buddhist centers, art spaces and nightclubs. Some of her favorite events to teach at have been Wanderlust Festival and Symbiosis Festival (US), Glade Festival (UK), Astral Harvest (CA), Luminate Festival (NZ), and Rainbow Serpent, Earth Frequency, and Eclipse2012 (Australia).
Claire now offers private and online yoga in Los Angeles, and co-teaches the annual Kinship Yoga School 225 Hour Yoga Teacher Training with 4 other amazing teachers. Her deep knowledge about and fascination with the body is anchored in her 20 years of practice as a massage therapist.

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With DJ/Music Producer FreQ Nasty she created The Yoga of Bass, a series of workshops and events focused on the intersection of music, art, and spirituality. She continued this mission with Ecstatic Bass Yoga, a series of collaborations with DJ’s and weekly Nightclub Yoga events in Los Angeles in 2016-17. She enjoys fusing yoga asana with free movement and joyful dance in this context. Her other speciality is Gentle and Therapeutic Yoga, and she enjoys working with people with injuries and using yoga to facilitate a positive relationship between body and mind.

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