Thanks for visiting my site! My mission is to serve people – body, speech, and mind. This trinity is a big part of the Tibetan Buddhism I have studied for the last 8 years, and is one way to encapsulate all our ways of living, being, and expressing.

- I am here to help you tune into your body and find its unique state of balance. For that I offer massage in both Western and Eastern modalities, ergonomics, private and group yoga sessions, yoga integrating free movement music and dance), and Reiki and Shiatsu energy work for the more subtle aspects of our bodies.

- I am here to help you find your genuine voice and means of self expression. For that I offer personal coaching, branding and social media services, helping you identify and express your unique truth, as well as leading workshops on creativity and spirituality, and the occasional kirtan session!

- I am here to help you know your mind and heart, connect with wisdom from ancient traditions, and integrate with your true nature. For that I offer meditation instruction and classes based on the texts of Buddhism and Yoga philosophy.

You’ll find lots of information on each of these on the other pages as well as audio and video resources, so I hope you will explore, and be in touch – you can email me at Claire(at)ClaireThompson(dot)com


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