malasana meditation in the parkClaire began her meditation practice in the midst of her hectic life in New York City to seek greater happiness and self-knowledge.  That started her on a path that is now on its 13th year.  Her daily practice for 5 years was founded in the Tibetan Buddhist tradition. She studied meditation under the guidance of Lauren Benjamin and Lama Marut while completing the 36-course Asian Classics Institute curriculum of Tibetan Buddhist Studies. She also studied the great texts of the Yoga tradition with Lama Marut, receiving a 200 hour Yoga Philosophy training.  Seeking a greater undertanding of the technique of meditation, she began studying the Shamatha/Vipassana technique of Professor John Yates, aka Upasaka Culadasa (  She attended a 10 day retreat with Culadasa, and helped with the release of his masterful book The Mind Illuminated: A Complete Meditation Guide Integrating Buddhist Wisdom and Brain Science for Greater Mindfulness, which she uses for her personal practice and current method of teaching private and group meditation classes.  She has completed solo meditation retreats ranging from 1 day to 1 month. 

She created the “Meditation Basics” series of classes in 2010 to introduce people to the benefits and how-to’s of having a daily meditation practice.  The classes combine traditional meditation advice from the Tibetan and Pali Buddhist traditions, with the holistic knowledge Claire bring from her yoga and massage background, and cutting edge psychology and neuroscience research.   Check the Events page to see upcoming meditation workshops or drop in meditation classes in the LA area and beyond, or contact her for private instruction.  Videos of her latest two series of classes are below.  Claire is happy to receive email with meditation questions – contact her at Claire(at)



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